by Gustav (Gus) Tolnay - Naturopathic



You must know many facts to avoid several ailments for your child. Most doctors aren`t taught this in medical schools, in fact they are taught a harmful procedure that they must abide by or be repremanded by the hospital. However, many clinical trials in universities and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recommend these procedures so your OB/GYN doesn`t create a patient for your Pediatrician. This is critical information you must know so you can avoid many of the health problems like:


Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsey, Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, Spina Bifida, Delayed Speech and Lack of Speech.

Also,,, Asthma, Allergies, Anemia, and many Intestinal and Digestive problems. Learning disorders, Speech problems, Respiratory Distress, Behavioral Disorders and many more.

You can have all the money in the world. However, if you don`t have good health, you have nothing but missery.

If you learn even one fact that changes your child`s life, how much is that worth?

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Here is some of the information contained in the book,,,






Homocystine and the Miscariage Connection pg. 1


The Danger of Eating Unfermented Soy pg. 4


GMO-- Making Soy Even Worse pg. 6


GM Soy Can Lead to Hormonal Disruption and Miscarriages pg. 6


Infertility in Women pg. 8


Loss of Libido & Erectile Disfunction in Men pg. 9


The Healthy Aspects Of Soy: Fermented vs. Unfermented pg. 10


So, What Are The Health Benefits of Fermented Soy Products? pg. 12


Warning to Vegetarians About the Risk of Mineral Dificiency pg. 12


Hope for the Lactose Intolerant pg. 14


Babies—Birth Control in a Bottle pg. 14


School Lunch-- Children`s Nutrition Left Behind pg. 15


Senior Citizens-- Aging Less Gracefully pg. 16


Harmful Effects of Vitamin K for Infants pg. 17


Vitamin K Shots Are Completely Unnecessary for Newborn pg. 17


The Dangers of the Shot They Don`t Warn You About pg. 20


Inflicting Pain Just After Birth Has Long Term Effects on Your Newborn pg.21


Oral Vitamin K is a Safe and Effective Alternative pg. 22


What You Need to do Before Your Baby is Born pg. 24


Don`t Cut It Yet pg. 25


World Health Organization, Extensive Research Supports Delayed


Cord Clamping pg. 26


Why is Immediate Cord Clamping Routine? pg. 27


Early Cord Clamping Has Also Been Implicated As a Contributing Factor To: ADD & ADHD pg. 31


A Word of Warning About Infant Formula pg. 33


Some of the Common Causes of ADD and ADHD pg. 34


Where Do You Start? pg. 36


Author Quotes About Vitamin D and Cancer pg. 40


Nutrients and Vitamins to Prevent Disease pg. 44


Exercise Boosts School Performance, Especially in Kids With ADHD pg. 49


Kids Were Designed to Move pg. 51


ADHD Drugs Send Thousands of Kids to the ER Every Year pg. 51


Is It Really ADHD pg. 53


Use Dietary Changes in Tandem With Exercise for ADHD pg. 53


Food Additives and GMO Ingredients pg. 55


Six Baby Bottle Manufacturers Quietly Agree to Remove Bisphenol-A (BPA) from Baby Bottles pg. 59


Authors Quotes on BPA and Baby Bottles pg. 63


Fluoride pg. 71


Fluoride Poses Risks for Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Children pg. 72


Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Child to Exercise? pg. 76


Getting Started pg. 77


Autism pg. 78


Improving the Immunity pg.81


Remember, You Have a Choice pg. 88


How the Cord Clamp Injures Your Baby`s Brain pg. 90


Normal Cord and Placental Function After Birth (No Cord Clamp Used) pg. 93


Cerebral Palsy Can Result From Premature Cord Clamping pg. 95


Learning Disorders and Mental Deficiency pg. 96


No-Nonsense Guide to a Naturally HealthyPregnancy and Baby pg. 100


What You Need to Know for a Happy and Stress-Free Pregnancy pg. 100


The Importance of Omega-3 Fats pg. 101


Omega-3s Provide Phenomenal Protection Against Prematurity pg. 102


More Omega-3 Benefits for Mom And Baby pg. 102


Finding the Best Sources of Omega-3`s pg. 104


Are Plant Sources of Omega-3 Acceptable pg. 105


Add Sunshine for Optimally Healthy Baby pg. 105


Make Sure Your Doctor Uses the Correct Testing Lab pg. 107


Add Exercise to Your Daily Schedule pg. 107


Eating for Two pg. 108


Eating the Right Foods for Baby pg. 109


Eggs – Powerful Pregnancy Allies pg. 110


A Few Notes About Breastfeeding pg. 113


Are Vaccinations Really Necessary? pg. 114


Remove Your Mercury Amalgam pg. 116


Protect Your Child from Pesticide Exposure pg. 118


Dangers Lurking Inside Your Home pg. 119


Can Plastics Hurt Your Unborn Child pg. 124


Other Pregnancy Do`s and Dont`s pg. 127


Healthy Alternative to Infant Formula pg. 143




Before Getting Pregnant